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Commanding Officer Captain Leo Donovan and Project Superintendent Jim Wilkins

Left: Commanding Officer Captain Leo Donovan

Right: Project Superintendent Jim Wilkins

“The Department of Agriculture and Interior planned the work for each state. The Army and Navy supervised the construction and operation of the camps…

"Babel Proclamation"

"Babel Proclamation". A law declared by Iowa Governor Harding in 1918. It banned the use of foreign (non-English) language in public settings.

"Dear Mr. President", Galena and Crane, Missouri, January or February 1942 Disc Side 2

The Civilian Conservation Corps ended in 1942, after the Japanese air forces dropped bombs on the American naval base of Pearl Harbor. There was a public outcry to reallocate the funds for the Civilian Conservation Corps and the Works Progress…

1930 Hamburg-Amerika Linie Ticket

Hamburg-Amerika Linie 1930 Travel Ticket.jpg
A ticket for the Hamburg-Amerika Linie with details about a stop in France during the voyage

300-18.203-8-8.301x! (look ma, no words)

An article in the July issue of Women's Day about Translingua titled "300-18.203-8-8.301x!"

A Young Man's Opportunity for work, play, study, and health

WPA poster promoting the U.S. Civilian Conservation Corps to young men.

Added Bowman Porch

Bowman Porch.jpg
The porch was added to Bowman Hall during World War II to make room for the influx of naval cadets on campus. Many other buildings on campus such as Law Hall and Merner Hall also underwent major renovation. Law Hall had its four biggest classrooms…