Workers of California

Richardson Grove Swim Trip

A field trip to Richardson Grove beach

Outside of work, enrollees also spent their time relaxing.  Camp newsletters from the Humboldt Redwoods camp showed “weenie roasts and movie nights” (  Management also invited lecturers to the camp to bolster their education system.  Enrollees formed musical bands and put on plays or other productions at local parks, possibly in venues that they helped create (   

Enrollees also had free time on weekends.  Enrollees at the Humboldt Redwoods camp would visit the nearby Burlington campground, and camp commanders would organize field trips to take the workers swimming at Richardson Grove during the warmer months (

 Along with their field trips and relaxing activities, the CCC enrollees were encouraged to play extra-curricular sports to keep them in shape for their daily work.  Camps would organize team of basketball and baseball, then would compete against other CCC campsites.  A proud point about California’s Camp San Pablo Dam’s baseball team is that they were racially integrated before the major leagues.  Along with baseball and basketball there was boxing and fishing where available (

Workers of California