Hoover in Finland, 1938

Before the breakout of the Winter War, former president Hoover set out to visit Finland. After the First World War, Finland had been the only nation to fully repay its war debts while others faltered in their payments during the great depression. Due to this sudden rise in popularity, Hoover, the man who had helped the Finnish independence cause almost 20 years ago decided to pay a visit.

During the visit, he was given an honorary doctorate, and met with Mr. Holsti, who convinced the former president to intercede on Finland’s behalf.

Herbert Hoover and Mr. Holsti

He was later sent a photo collection of his trip that currently resides in the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum.

This trip had an impact on Hoover’s desire to participate in gathering different resources for Finnish Relief. Having seen the buildings and streets that would, in a few years, be bombed by Soviet aircraft, Hoover would later do everything in his power to assist the Finnish people and along influence many others to do the same.

Finnish Schoolchildren


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