Organizations and Aid

With the donations that were made from different states around the U.S, there were different organizations that were formed in order to provide specific forms of relief for Finland. These organizations:

  • Gave Finland direct aid to its citizens.
  • Allowed the Finnish government leeway in order to take care of more pressing matters because its citizens are receiving a direct form of aid.
  • Gave great benefit to the dollar exchange of the Finnish Government, which will help the government make outside purchases.

Here are some correspondences about the money sent over (called remittances) that went between Herbert Hoover and Risto Ryti

The organization that began this movement is the Finnish Relief Fund. It was established to aid Finland’s citizens with different needs. Hoover had noticed that the big emergency Finland had, at the time of the war, was poverty. Poverty effected not only the citizens of Finland, but the refugees that had been evacuated from their homes, which were fighting towns. Due to the war, there were constant emergencies that would arise in Finland that had great effect on it citizens.

There have been many appeals from Finland for aid that is specified to a certain need of the citizens. Several people in the U.S have seen these pleas and have formed organizations under the Finland Relief Fund, in order to supply a specific need. This type of aid was transmitted as special donations to public institutions in Finland. These donations were made by the following:

1. The Lotta Svaard (an organization of 110,000 Finnish Women that held army hospitalization services and other services for the

Young Finnish girls of the Lotta Svärd voluntary auxiliary paramilitary organization for women and girls practice

2. Different religious organizations in Finland, specifically the Lutheran Church, Catholic Church, and the Salvation Army.

3. Educational institutions and Public institutions.

4. The Red Cross, have taken medicine, medical supplies, clothing and special garments as a part of their donations.

Mrs. Sturgis and Mrs. McCready of the Red Cross Packing Box for Finland (April 1940)

The former Prime Minister of Finland made it known that Hoover’s efforts had a great impact on the Finnish by mentioning that about 90 percent of the support the committee was receiving for the Finnish Relief Fund. Cajander then took a leap and mentioned that Finland would still be asking for further aid due to the three benefits that were received from the organizations

Former Prime Minister of Finland Aimo Cajander









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