How Will You Be Remembered?

     Luther Trent was an active member of his community.  He gave back as much as he could in his 89 years, and the people that he left behind are still benefiting from his work today.  The article below was written after Luther Trent’s death in 2006.

Article published in The Cedar Rapids Gazette, March 18th, 2006.  Click here to view full transcription. 

Volunteer Opportunities

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Continue Trent’s Legacy

     The article above is proof of how much one person can impact so many lives.  Luther Trent was a remarkable man who dedicated his adult life to helping others.  This is how he is remembered today.  How will you be remembered in the future?  You have the opportunity to influence your community, just like Luther Trent.

Check out the links in the section above for examples, and add comments below to share how you give back to your community!

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