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Discussion Questions


  1. In what ways did Luther Trent grow up differently from you?

  2. Conduct further research on one of the organizations that Luther Trent was a part of.  Does it still exist today?  What type of work do they do?

  3. Think of some people you know who have given back to our school community and/or your neighborhood.

Minority Employment

  1. Why do you think the Cedar Rapids Police Department chose not to hire minority employees?  Think about the history of different groups in America.

  2. Can you think of another example of discrimination?  Where and when did it occur?  Describe the situation.

  3. How would you feel if you witnessed or experienced discrimination?  What would you do?

Affordable Housing

  1. Have you ever wanted to buy something but did not have enough money?  Was it something that you needed to survive?  How did it feel?  How did you react?

  2. How can you help people who do not have permanent homes?  Think of groups that you could volunteer with.  Could you help out on your own?

  3. Have one student act as the tenant while the other acts as the landlord.  Ask what each would you do if the tenant could not pay your rent on time.  Create other scenarios and ask students how they might react.

Oak Hill Restoration

  1. What does Luther Trent do to make his community a better place to live?

  2. How can you clean up your neighborhood and school?

Field Trip Ideas


African American Museum of Iowa

Iowa Civil Rights Trail

In the Classroom (Out of State)

National Museum of African American History and Culture- Washington, D.C.

African American Museum in Philadelphia

Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History- Detroit, MI

Birmingham Civil Rights Institute- Birmingham, AL

Additional Resources

Teaching Social Justice in Theory and Practice

Luther Trent Archive Record- African American Museum of Iowa

Iowa Department of Human Rights

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