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Fountain Hughes

Interview with Fountain Hughes, Baltimore, Maryland, June 11, 1949.Listen Here Fountain Hughes: Talk to who? Hermond Norwood: Well, just tell me what your name is. Fountain Hughes: My name is Fountain Hughes. I was born in Charlottesville,…

Old Aunt Julia Ann Jackson, age 102 and the corn crib where she lives

Julia Ann Jackson, an ex-slave, sits outside her house in Arkansas

Bill and Ellen Thomas, Ages 88 and 81

Picture of Bill and Ellen Thomas, two ex-slaves who were interviewed by the FWP

Sample Interview given to FWP Workers

This was given to FWP workers along with a set of instructions and interview questions.

South Carolina Slave Narrative

Ben Lietner, 85 years old, is interviewed by W. W. Dixon, an long time neighbor.

W.W. Dixon Interview Coverage

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W. W. Dixon conducted his former slave interviews within Farfield County, where he grew up.