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Androcles and the Lion

Actors portraying Androcles and the Lion in a scene during the performance.

Children's Theatre - FTP Productions

Winifred Ward wrote this volume on “Theatre for Children.” He writes that this is important information on anyone who may be involved with plays and productions regarding children in settings such as in schools, camps, and other recreational…

Children's Theater Unit: Theater Class for Children

children workshop.PNG
This photo shows an early Children’s Theatre Unit workshop. A couple of actors are talking with the children in their class. There were many different children that were involved in these workshops. From this image, the photographer was able to…

Children's Theater - 1935 - Skits Given in Manhatten, Brooklyn, Queens

This artifact shows the notes from skits written in 1935. These were skits performed around New York. The note determines time and place of each of the skits and the color either blue or white determines the group who is performing that skit. This…

WPA Federal Theatre presents "The Emperor's New Clothes" by Charlotte Chorpenning

"The Emperor’s New Clothes," written by Charlotte Chorpenning and directed by Turner Bullock opened at the Adelphi Theatre in New York on June 2, 1936 and ran until November 1, 1937. It was the first of the Children’s Theatre Unit performances…