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Camp Roosevelt: First In America

Civilian Conservation Corps’ Camp Roosevelt was located in Luray, Virginia. This pioneer camp consisted of many buildings and areas including:

· Parade Field was similar to a main square in town; it had walking paths that connected…

A Young Man's Opportunity for work, play, study, and health

WPA poster promoting the U.S. Civilian Conservation Corps to young men.

CCC Infographic

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The collaborative camps built wildlife shelters, stocked rivers and lakes fish, built parks, planted trees, and worked hard to rejuvenate nature and the state parks we have known it for the past 80 years (

Not only were these hard…

"Dear Mr. President", Galena and Crane, Missouri, January or February 1942 Disc Side 2

The Civilian Conservation Corps ended in 1942, after the Japanese air forces dropped bombs on the American naval base of Pearl Harbor. There was a public outcry to reallocate the funds for the Civilian Conservation Corps and the Works Progress…

Henry Rich

Henry Rich was the very first enrollee for the CCC. His first four years at Camp Roosevelt were spent in the mess hall as a cook. After four years preparing food, Rich was promoted into a leadership position. Rich and all other enrollees at Camp…

Commanding Officer Captain Leo Donovan and Project Superintendent Jim Wilkins

Left: Commanding Officer Captain Leo Donovan

Right: Project Superintendent Jim Wilkins

“The Department of Agriculture and Interior planned the work for each state. The Army and Navy supervised the construction and operation of the camps…

Camp Roosevelt Group Photo

“The CCC was a result of Senate Bill 598 that the President introduced March 27, 1933. The bill cleared both houses of Congress in four days and was on the President’s desk for signature on March 31, 1933” (CCC Legacy). On the 17th of Aprilthe…

CCC Title Card

At the end of 1929 the United States of America was hit by what has been substantially the largest economic crisis of the country. This has been recognized as being The Great Depression, where over 25% of United States citizens were unemployed, many…

Happy Days Newspaper Issue April 27, 1935

An issue of the CCC newspaper, Happy Days, dated April 27th, 1935.