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The Joad Family and Casey

joad family photo.jpg
Back row: Left to Right- Casey (Matt Cheek), Pa (Hal Kohlman), Tom (John Brumley), Uncle John (Brent Weber), Rose of Sharon (Emily Frances Brown), and Al (Jeff Montague)
Front Row: Left to Right- Granma (Sue Ellen Reiman), Granpa (Shawn Elmore), Ma…

Why We Come to California

why we came to california.jpg
Here comes the dust-storm
Watch the sky turn blue.
You better git out quick
Or it will smother you.

Here comes the grasshopper,
He comes a-jumpin' high.
He jumps away across the state
An' never bats an eye.

Here comes the river
it sure…

Scrap Book

cotton pickers flier.jpg
45-page scrap book by Charles Todd containing various newspaper clippings documenting the issues of the day, from migration, assimilation of the migrants into their new lives, and much more.