Androcles and the Lion

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Androcles and the Lion


One of the Original Scripts from the play with penciled in side notes.


“Androcles and the Lion” was written by George Bernard Shaw in 1912. The play, “Androcles and the Lion”, is about a Christian slave and a lion who meet face to face in front of a crowd in the Coliseum in Rome, but the slave ends up not being killed by the lion because he had helped the lion get a thorn out of his paw. Shaw gave the Federal Theatre Project in the 1930s consent to show and perform his plays for a small amount of money. During the Federal Theatre project, this play was performed numerous times for a variety of audiences usually targeting a child audience. As the Federal Theatre Project grew and continued across the country, this play ended up having much success. The play was performed in five different major cities including Seattle, WA, Los Angeles, CA, New York City, NY, Denver, CO, and Atlanta, GA. In Seattle, Denver and Atlanta, the performances feature African Americans as actors in the play. In the Lafayette unit of the Federal Theatre Project, “Androcles and the Lion” was a huge hit. In the New York World’s Fair, Arthur Wilson performed Androcles and Add Bates played the lion during the performance. This script gives a look into the actual scribed notes presenting the information on certain stage notes in the performances as well as the first names of the actors who performed each of the roles.


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