Butte Weekly Miner: Marcus Daly is Dead

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Butte Weekly Miner: Marcus Daly is Dead


The obituary on Marcus Daly who died in 1900.


One of two newspaper article going over the life of Marcus Daly in remembrance of his life. A Montana Millionaire Expires at the Hotel Netherlands. Career of the Self-Made Copper King Who Began as a Ragged Farm Hand. Butte Weekly Miner (Butte, MT), Published Thursday, November 15, 1900, This obituary is telling the life about Marcus Daly upon his death in 1900 (Press, 1900). The second obituary we found was published Tuesday, November 13, 1900 (The New York Times, 1900). From these two obituaries one will find out Marcus Daly’s death wasn't a sudden one, but instead they were expecting his death for several weeks. He died at the Hotel Netherlands of Bright’s disease and heart trouble after several other lingering illness already occurred that year. Also from his obituaries you realize he was very loved by not only his family and friends, but also the community. His workers were very appreciative for the wages they were receiving and the townspeople believed he would do anything for anyone and everyone. Marcus Daly made a heavy impact on the people around him and he was truly going to be missed.


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