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S.A.T.C. Cornell College.

S.A.T.C. Marching Down 1st Street, and WWI US Army Marching Songs.PNG
The following images are pictures of the Cornell College Student Army Training Corps (S.A.T.C.) program. Members of the S.A.T.C. were not civilians like in the Reserve Officer Training Corps (R.O.T.C.) but rather full time soldiers. The images show…

Captain MacQueen

Lt. MacQueen, Cornell College Cadet Officer WWI.PNG
Captain MacQueen was the army officer provided to Cornell for the school's rudimentary R.O.T.C. program before the S.A.T.C. was set up to replace it during America's early involvement in World War 1. MacQueen was a seasoned veteran, having served two…

Colonel John Q. Wilds of the 13th Iowa Infantry Regiment.

John Q. Wilds's Grave.jpeg
John Q. Wilds was born in Pennsylvania in 1825, and moved to Mount Vernon, Iowa in 1853. He opened up a general goods store in Mount Vernon, and had a family of three with his wife Rowena Wilds. He raised three daughters: Edie, Matie, and Kowela…

Mock Confederate Bill of Fare

Mock Confederate Bill of Fair at Vicksburg.PNG
The Mock Confederate Bill of Fare was parody of the food the Confederate soldiers were having to eat during the Siege of Vicksburg as their supplies began to run low due to the Union siege.

William Titus Rigby

William Titus Rigby.jpg
Captain William Titus Rigby served at the Siege of Vicksburg from May 18th, 1863 until the Confederate Surrender of that city on July 4th, 1863. Rigby would be made the Resident Commissioner of Vicksburg National Military Park from 1899 until his…

President Florvil Hyppolite

President Florvil Hyppolite.png
Hector Hyppolite was born in 1894 in Saint Marc and died of a heart attack in 1948 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Hyppolite was not only a talented artist, he was also a vodou priest (hougan), housekeeper, and decorator(1). Over 200 artworks by Hyppolite…

Danbala Wedo

Dandbala Wedo
Georgia Gump
Art 265
Professor Ellen Hoobler

Clotaire Bazile’s Vodou Flags

Exploration of Haiti and their religion of Vodou uncovers an extraordinary amount of artistic objects, from paintings to punched metal, done in devotion…

Article about Prof. Funke's letter to the author

page_0009_5801 c.pdf

—— By John Reynolds —— IN SUNDAY'S Iowa news I section of The Cedar Rap- ids Gazette we did a story on SUI Professor Erich Funke's "Translingua Script", a sys- tern of numbers based, on the decimal systerm by which…

Article from The Daily Iowan


New System Eases Translation by John Bleakly With the use of a numerical code, an SUI student with no knowledge of Indonesian or another foreign language can translate a coded paragraph of that language into English in four…

300-18.203-8-8.301x! (look ma, no words)

An article in the July issue of Women's Day about Translingua titled "300-18.203-8-8.301x!"