70% Frequency List

Pausanias 60%-70% vocabulary list


ᾄδω (ἀείδω) ᾄσομαι ᾖσα ᾖσμαι ᾔσθην  to sing

ἀκούω ἀκούσομαι ἤκουσα ἀκήκοα ἠκούσθην  to hear

ἁλίσκομαι ἁλώσομαι ἑάλων ἑάλωκα, to be taken, captured, seized; to be convicted and condemned

ἀμύνω ἀμυνῶ ἤμυνα  to keep off, ward off, defend (+ dat.)

ἀναιρέω  to take up, carry off, take away, destroy; answer, give a response; mid. to gain, win, receive

ἀνάκειμαι, (used as the passive of ἀνατίθημι) to be laid up, offered, dedicated, set up

ἀνασῴζω  to recover what is lost, bring back, restore

ἄνειμι  to go up

ἀνέχω  to hold up

ἀπέρχομαι  to go away, depart from

ἀπέχω  to keep off or away from; be away from, be distant from

ἀποδίδωμι  to give up or back, restore, return; to pay; mid. to sell

ἀποκτείνω ἀποκτενῶ ἀπέκτεινα ἀπέκτονα to kill, slay

ἀπόλλυμι ἀπολῶ ἀπώλεσα ἀπώλεκα ἀπόλωλα ἀπωλόμην  to destroy utterly, kill, slay; 2nd perf. to be ruined; mid. to perish

ἀποστέλλω  to send off or away from

ἀποφαίνω  to shew forth, display, produce

ἀφαιρέω  to take from, take away from

ἀφίημι  to send forth, discharge; to send away, let go, set free

ἀφίστημι  to put away, remove; to make revolt; pass. and 2nd aor. to stand away or aloof, withdraw, revolt

δείκνυμι δείξω ἔδειξα δέδειχα δέδειγμαι ἐδείχθην  to show, bring to light, display, exhibit

δέω δήσω ἔδησα δέδεκα δέδεμαι ἐδέθην  to bind, tie, fasten, fetter

δέω δεήσω εδέησα δεδέηκα δεδέημαι ἐδεήθην to lack, need; mid. ask, beg (+ gen.)

διαβαίνω  to make a stride, to step across, cross over

διαφθείρω διαφθερῶ διέφθειρα διέφθαρκα διέφθαρμαι διεφθάρην to destroy utterly, ruin; pass. be destroyed, perish, be killed

διδάσκω διδάξω, ἐδίδαξα, δεδίδαχα δεδίδαγμαι, ἐδιδάχθην  to teach

δράω δράσω ἔδρασα δέδρακα δέδραμαι εδράσθην  to do

δύναμαι δυνήσομαι δεδύνημαι ἐδυνήθην  to be able, capable, strong enough

ἐάω ἐάσω εἴσα (εἴων impf.) εἴακα εἴαμαι εἰάθην  to let, suffer, allow, permit

εἶδον (see ὁράω)  to see, perceive, behold

εἰκάζω εἰκάσω ᾔκασα ᾔκασμαι ᾐκάσθην  to make like to, represent by a likeness, portray

εἶμι (see ἔρχομαι)  to go

εἶπον (see λέγω) to speak, say

εἴργω (poetic: ἔργνυμι) εἴρξω εἴρξα εἶργμαι εἴρχθην  to shut up, enclose, confine

εἰσέρχομαι  to go in or into, enter

ἐκλείπω  to leave out, omit, pass over

ἐλαύνω ἐλῶ ἤλασα -ελήλακα ἐλήλαμαι ἠλάθην  to drive, drive on, set in motion

ἔοικα, (perfect with present meaning) to be like, similar to, seem, have the appearance of; be fit, right, or fair

ἐπάγω  to lead, bring, or drive to or on; intrans. to march, advance

ἔπειμι  to be upon; to live after; to be in charge of (+ dat.)

ἔπειμι  to go or come to or upon, approach, attack

ἐπεργάζομαι  to work, fashion; till, cultivate; carve

ἐπέχω  to have or hold upon

ἐπικαλέω  to summon, call; to give a surname or epithet

ἐπιλαμβάνω  to lay hold of, seize, attack

ἐπονομάζω  to give a surname, name or call

ἐρῶ  (fut. of λέγω) I will say or speak

ἐφίστημι  to set up or place upon; to appoint; to found

ἡγέομαι ἡγήσομαι ἡγησάμην ἥγημαι  to go before, lead the way, guide, rule; believe, hold, suppose

ἥκω ἥξω (ἧκον impf.)  to have come, be present, be here

θάπτω θάψω ἔθαψα τέθαμμαι ἐτάφην to pay the last dues to a corpse, honour with funeral rites, bury

θεάομαι θεάσομαι ἐθεασάμην τεθέαμαι ἐθεάθην  to look on, gaze at, view

ἱδρύω ἱδρύσω ἵδρυσα ἵδρυμαι ἱδρύθην   to make to sit down, set up; to found, establish

ἵημι ἥσω ἧκα εἷκα εἷμαι εἷθην I send, shoot, let go

καταβαίνω  to step down, go or come down

καταλαμβάνω  to seize upon

κάτειμι  to go or come down

κατέρχομαι  to go down from

κεῖμαι κείσομαι to be laid down, lie, lie down

κελεύω κελεύσω ἐκέλευσα κεκέλευκα κεκέλευσμαι ἐκελεύσθην  to urge or drive on, exhort, bid, command, order

κοινόω κοινώσω ἐκοίνασα  to make common, communicate, impart

κομίζω κομιῶ ἐκόμισα κεκόμικα κεκόμισμαι ἐκομίσθην  to take care of, provide for; to carry off; to bring; to conduct, escort

λείπω λείψω ἔλιπον λέλοιπα λέλειμμαι ἐλειφθην  to leave, quit

μετέχω  to partake of, enjoy a share of, share in, take part in

μνημονεύω μνημονεύσω  to call to mind, remember

νέμω νεμῶ ἔνειμα -νενέμηκα νενέμημαι ἐνεμήθην  to deal out, distribute, apportion; to consider

οἰκίζω οἰκίσω ᾤκισα ᾤκισμαι ᾠκίσθην   to found as a colony or new settlement, to settle; to remove or transplant

οἰκοδομέω οἰκοδομήσω  to build a house, build, construct

ὁμολογέω  to speak together, to speak the same language; to agree, promise

ὁμόω ὁμώσω ὡμώθην  to unite

πάρειμι  to be near, be present; impersonal, it is possible

παρίστημι  to stand beside, place near; intrans. to present, offer, suggest itself

πείθω πείσω ἔπεισα πέπεικα (πέποιθα intr. =trust) πέπεισμαι ἐπείσθην   to prevail upon, win over, persuade; mid. to obey, believe, trust

πέμπω πέμψω ἔπεμψα πέπομφα πέπεμμαι ἐπέμφθην  to send, despatch

πίμπλημι πλήσω ἔπλησα πέπληκα πέπλησμαι έπλήσθην to fill full of

πλέω πλεύσομαι ἔπλευσα πέπλευκα πέπλευσμαι ἐπλεύσθην  to sail, go by sea

πολεμέω πολεμήσω to be at war or go to war, make war with, attack

πολεμόω πολεμώσω  to make hostile, make an enemy of

πολέω  to go about, range over

προάγω  to lead forward, lead on, onward

προέρχομαι  to go forward, go on, advance

πυνθάνομαι πεύσομαι πέπυσμαι ἐπυθόμην to learn by hearsay or by inquiry, ask, inquire, learn, ascertain

ῥέω ῥεύσομαι (ῥυήσομαι) ἔρρευσα (ἐρρύην) ἐρρύηκα (intr.)   to flow, run, stream, gush

στρατεύω στρατεύσω ἐστράτευμαι ἐστρατεύθην  to serve in war, serve as a soldier, do military service, take the field, march

συμβαίνω, to stand with or beside, assist; come together, meet; agree with; to suit, fit; to come to pass, happen

συνοικέω  to dwell together

σφάζω σφάξω ἔσφαξα ἔσφαγμαι ἐσφάγην  to slay, slaughter

τάσσω τάξω ἔταξα τέταχα τέταγμαι ἐτάχθην  to arrange, put in order, post, station; to order, command; to appoint

τελευτάω τελευτήσω τετελεύτηκα τετελεύτημαι ἐτελευτήθην  to bring to an end, complete, accomplish; to die; to come to an end, finish

τίκτω τέξομαι ἔτεκον τέτοκα   to bring into the world, beget, give birth

τρέπω τρέψω ἔτρεψα (ἐτραπόμην I fled) τέτροφα τέτραμμαι ἐτρέφθην (ἐτράπην intr.)  to turn, put to flight; to change; mid. to take a course; to flee

τρέφω θρέψω ἔθρεψα τέτροφα τέθραμμαι ἐτράφην  to make form, curdle, congeal; nourish, nurse, feed; pass. grow, be born, live

τυγχάνω τεύξομαι ἔτυχον τετύχηκα  to hit upon, chance, happen; to obtain

τυραννεύω τυραννεύσω ( τυραννήσω, τυραννέω)  to be an absolute sovereign or despot

ὑπάρχω  to begin, to come into being, arise; to exist, be ready or at hand; to belong to; to be possible, sufficient, or useful

ὑπολείπω  to leave remaining, leave behind

φύω φύσω ἔφυσα (ἔφυν intr.) πέφυκα (intr.)  to bring forth, put forth, produce; intrans. to grow, come into being, to be born, to be (by nature)

χέω χέω ἔχεα κέχυκα κέχυμαι ἐχύθην  to pour

χώννυμι (or χόω) χώσω ἔχωσα -κέχωκα κέχωσμαι ἐχώσθην to throw or heap up

χράω χρήσω ἔχρησα κέχρηωμαι (κέχρημαι) ἐχρήσθην  to give what is needful, proclaim, declare, utter an oracle; mid. to use; to express a feeling or state of mind, experience; to consult an oracle

χωρέω χωρήσομαι ἐχώρησα κεχώρηκα   to make room for another, give way, draw back, retire, withdraw; to go, advance

χαλκόω χαλκώσω  to make in bronze



ἀγορά –ᾶς, ἡ  an assembly of the people

ἀδελφή –ῆς, ἡ  sister

ἀδελφός –οῦ, ὁ  brother

αἰτία –ᾱς, ἡ  a cause, origin, reason, explanation; charge, accusation, blame, fault

ἀκρόπολις –εως, ἡ  the upper city

ἄλσος –εος, τό  a grove or glade

ἀνδριάς -άντος, ὁ  the image of a man, a statue

ἀριθμός -οῦ, ὁ  number

ἅρμα –ατος, τό  a chariot

ἀσπίς –ίδος, ἡ  a round shield

βάθρον –ου, τό  that on which anything stands, a base, pedestal, foundation

βους, βοός, ὁ/ἡ  cow

γνώμη –ης, ἡ  a means of knowing, judgment, opinion, intention

γυμνάσιον –ου, τό  bodily exercises; gynasium

δαίμων –ονος, ὁ/ἡ  god or goddess

δένδρον –ου, τό  tree

δῆμος –οῦ, ὁ  a country-district, country, land

δίκη –ης, ἡ  custom, usage; right, law, justice; judgment, sentence; lawsuit, trial; fine, penalty

δράκων –οντος, ὁ  a dragon, a serpent

δρόμος –οῦ, ὁ  a course, a race, a running

δύναμις –εως, ἡ  power, might, strength, ability

δῶρον –ου, τό  a gift, present

εἴκοσι  twenty

ἑκατόν  a hundred

ἐλέφας –αντος, ὁ  elephant; the elephant’s tusk, ivory

ἑορτή –ης, ἡ  a feast or festival, holiday

ἐπίκλησις –εως, ἡ  an epithet, surname, or additional name; in acc., by reputation, in name, nominally

ἐρείπιον –ου, τό  a fallen ruin, a wreck

ἔρως –ωτος, ὁ  love

ἡγεμών –όνος, ό  one who leads

ἡλῐκία –ᾱς, ἡ  time of life, age

ἥλιος –οῦ, ὁ  the sun

ἡμέρα –ᾱς, ἡ  day

ἤπειρος, ἡ  the land, mainland, continent

ἥρως, ἥρωος, ὁ  a hero

θάνατος –οῦ, ὁ  death

θαῦμα –ατος, τό  a wonder, a marvel

θεά –ᾱς, ἡ  goddess

θέατρον –ου, τό  a place for seeing, a theatre

θηρίον –ου, τό  a wild animal, beast

θυσία –ας, ἡ  a burnt offering, sacrifice

ἱερεῖον –ου, τό  a victim, an animal for sacrifice or slaughter

ἰσθμός –ου, ὁ  a narrow passage

καρπός –ου, ὁ  fruit, corn; produce, returns, profit of a thing

κεφᾰλή –ης, ἡ  the head

κίων –ονος, ὁ/ἡ  a pillar, column

κρήνη –ης, ἡ  a well, spring, fountain

κώμη –ης, ἡ  country town

λῐμήν –ένος, ὁ  a harbor, haven

λόφος –ου, ὁ  the back of the neck

μάντευμα –ατος, τό  an oracle

μάντις, ὁ  one who divines, a seer, prophet

μέγεθος –ους, τό  greatness, magnitude, size, height, stature

μήτηρ, μητέρος, ἡ  mother

μνήμη –ης, ἡ  a remembrance, memory, record; tomb

μοῖρα –ας, ἡ  a part, portion; one’s lot, destiny (Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos are the Moirai)

νεκρος -οῦ, ὁ  a dead body, corpse

νῆσος –ου, ἡ  an island

νίκη –ης, ἡ  a victory (in battle)

νόμος –ου, ὁ  anything assigned, a usage, custom, law, ordinance

νόσος, ἡ  sickness, disease, malady

νύμφη –ης, ἡ  a young wife, bride

νύξ, νυκτός, ἡ  night

ξόᾰνον –ου, τό  an image carved of wood, the statue of a god

οἴκημα –ατος, τό  any inhabited place, a dwelling place, a chamber or room in a house

οἰκία –ᾱς, ἡ  a building, house, dwelling

οἰκιστής -οῦ, ὁ  a coloniser, a founder of a city, a settler

οἶκος –ου, ὁ  a house, an abode, a dwelling

ὄνειρος –οῦ, ὁ  a dream

ὄντα –ων, τά  existing things, the present, truth, reality

ὅπλον –ου, τό  a tool, implement; weapon, armor

ὄρνις, ὄρνιθος, ὁ  a bird

ὅρος –ου, ὁ  a boundary, landmark

ὀστέον –ου, τό  bone

οὐδός –ου, ὁ  the threshold of a house  (ἡ οὐδός  a way)

παρθένος, ἡ  a maiden, a virgin, a girl

περίβολος –ου, ὁ, anything thrown around, an enclosure, wall

πέτρα –ας, ἡ  a rock, a ledge or shelf of rock

πηγή –ης, ἡ  spring, well, source

πλείων –ονος, ὁ, ἡ  the larger number, the greater part, the many

πόλισμα –ατος, τό  a city, town, a collection of buildings

πούς, ποδός, ὁ  foot

πρέσβυς –υος, ὁ  an old man, an elder

πυγμή –ης, ἡ  a fist; boxing

πῦρ, πῠρός, τό  fire

σπήλαιον –ου, τό  a grotto, a cave, a cavern, a pit

στέφᾰνος –ου, ὁ  that which surrounds, a crown, a wreath

στήλη –ης, ἡ  a block of stone, a post, an upright stone, a monument

στοά –άς, ἡ  a roofed colonnade, piazza, cloister

στρᾰτιά –ᾶς, ἡ  an army, expedition

στρατός –ου, ὁ  an emcamped army, a camp, an army

συμφορά -ας, ἡ  an event, circumstance, chance

σχῆμα –ατος, τό  a form, figure, appearance

τεῖχος –ους, τό  a wall

τελευτή –ης, ἡ  a finishing, completion, an accomplishment

τέλος –εος, τό  the fulfillment or completion of something, end, goal

τέμενος –εος, τό  a piece of land cut off and allotted for some purpose; a piece of land sacred to a god, a precinct (cf. τέμνω, to cut)

τέχνη –ης, ἡ  art, skill, craft in work, cleverness of hand

τῑμή –ης, ἡ  that which is paid in token of worth or value; the honor in which one is held, worship, esteem, respect; an offering to the gods

τρόπος –ου, ὁ  a turn, a direction, a course, a way

τύχη –ης, ἡ  what humans obtain (from the gods); fortune (good or bad), luck, chance

υἱός –ου, ὁ  son

φρουρά –ας, ἡ  a looking out, a watch, a guard

χαλκός –οῦ, ὁ, copper, metal, bronze

χείρ, χειρός, ἡ  hand

χρῆμα –ατος, τό  a thing that one uses

χρησμός –οῦ, ὁ  the answer of an oracle, oracle

χωρίον –ου, τό  a particular place, a place, a spot, a district

ὥρα –ας, ἡ, any limited time or period of time; time of day, season; prime of life, spring-time



αἴτιος –α –ον  blameworthy, culpable

ἄκρος –α –ον  at the furthest point

ἀλέξανδρος –ον  defending men

ἀμφότερος –α –ον  each or both of the two

ἄξιος –α –ον  weighing as much, of like value, worth as much as, worthy

ἅπας, ἅπασα, ἅπαν  quite all, the whole

ἀπόγονος –ον  born or descended from

βάρβαρος –ον  barbarous, not Greek, foreign

δεύτερος –α –ον  second

δῆλος –η –ον  visible, conspicuous, clear

διάφορος –ον  different, unlike

ἑκάτερος –α –ον  each of two, either, each singly

ἐλεγεῖος –α –ον  of the elegy, elegiac

ἐμός –ή –όν  mine

ἐναντίος –α –ον  opposite, face to face, in presence of

ἐπιτήδειος –α –ον  made for an end or purpose, fit or adapted, suitable, convenient

ἐπιφᾰνής -ές coming to light, appearing; conspicuous, famous, illustrious

ἐπιχώριος –α –ον  in or of the country, local

εὐθυς, εὐθεῖα, εὐθύ  straight, direct, straightforward, plain, honest

ἥκιστος –η –ον  least, worst, poorest, meanest

ἥμερος –α –ὃν  tame, tamed, reclaimed, domestic, cultivated

ἡμος –ή –όν  our

ἴδιος –α –ον  one’s own, pertaining to oneself; separate, peculiar, strange

ἴσος, ἴση, ἴσον  equal to, the same as

κοινός –ή –όν  common, shared in common

λευκός -ή -όν, light, bright, brilliant, white

λοιπός –ή –όν  remaining, the rest

μέσος –η –ον  in the middle, between, middle

οἵος, οἵa, οἵον  of what kind, such as, how, as, like

ὀλίγος –η –ον  few, little, scanty, small

ὁμός –ή –όν  one in the same, common, joint

ὁποῖος –α –ον  of what sort or quality

παλαιός –ά –όν  ancient, old in years

πατρίς –ίδος  of one’s father

πέντε  five

πηγός –ή –όν  well put together, compact, strong

πλεῖστος –η –ον  most, largest

πλησίος –α –ον  near, close to; adv. πλησίον, nearby

σύμμᾰχος –ον  fighting along with, allied with

ταὐτό (= τὸ αὐτό)  the same

τέταρτος –α –ον  fourth

τοιοῦτος, τοιαύτη, τοιοῦτο  such as this

τοσόσδε –ήδε –όνδε  so strong, so able

τρεις  three

τριάκοντα  thirty

τρίτος –η –ον  third

χαλκοῦς –ῆ –οῦν  of copper or bronze, brazen



σύ, σου  you

σφός  their, their own, belonging to them



ἀεί  always, forever; every time

ἅμα  at once, at the same time

ἄν  (postpositive modal particle used with indefinite clauses and potential constructions)

ἄνω  up, upwards

ἀρχήν  at first

αὐτίκα  immediately, straightaway, at once

αὐτόθι  on this spot, at this place, there

αὐτου  at the very place, just here, just there

ἐκτός  outside

ἐντευθεν  hence or thence

ἡνίκιᾰ  at which time, when

καθά  according as, just as

μαλλον  more, rather; the more, yet; too much; by all means

νυν  now, at this very time

ὁμοῦ  at the same place, together, near; together with (+ dat.)

ὄπισθεν after, behind; as prep. + gen., behind, after, in the future

οὐδέ  but not

πότε when?  ποτέ at some time

πού  anywhere, somewhere

πρίν  before, formerly, sooner, first

πω  up to this time, yet

ταύτῃ  in this way, in this place



ἀντί  over, against, opposite; instead of, for; in return for (+ genitive)

ἐντός  within, inside (+ genitive)

μεταξύ  betwixt, between; during (+ genitive)

πλήν  besides, unless, save, except (+ genitive)



διό  wherefore, on which account

ἐάν  (ἤν) if ever, in case that, if so be that

ἐπεί  after that, after, since, when

μηδέ  but not, and not, nor

πρίν (πρὶν ἤ)  before