About Imagining Ancient Corinth

Imagining Ancient Corinth: An Introduction to Greek Literature and Culture is a born-digital textbook for intermediate Greek students.  It blends features of spatial humanities, online commentaries, material culture, and second language acquisition to create a resource for students of ancient Greek preparing for their first encounter with authentic Greek texts.


Imagining Ancient Corinth provides

  • A geographical interface that allows students to follow Pausanias’ actual steps through the site of ancient Corinth and permits them to click on various monuments and go directly to Pausanias’ description of the specific site.  
  • Readings from writers of the Hellenistic, Koine, and Second Sophistic traditions, including Apollodorus’ Library, Acts of the Apostles, Paul’s First Letter to the Corinthians, Zonaras’ Epitome, Strabo’s Geography, Polybius’ Histories, the poet Antipater, Dio Chrysostom, and Plutarch, plus inscriptions..  
  • Culture essays that describe Corinth’s history, mythology, economic vitality, waterworks, and religious traditions.
  • Vocabulary lists by frequency
  • Interactive grammar review exercises
  • Pre- and post-reading activities, the former to help activate linguistic and cultural schemata, and the latter to help consolidate and respond creatively to what they have read.
  • Images, plans, diagrams, and family trees to help students to visualize ancient Corinth.

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