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Playwrights Horizons and Vineyard Theatre present the New York City Premiere of THE BURNT PART BOYS, a new musical by Mariana Elder, Chris Miller, and Nathan Tysen.

Featuring Charlie Brady, Al Calderon, Andrew Durand, Steve French, Noah Galvin,…
Title: Social Constructs
Inciting Questions: How do we confine women?

Title: Ladies' Tea
Inciting Question: How do we interpret and pass along story?
Location: Martha's living room
Greta: Shena McAuliife
Martha: Madison Serrett
Carline: Katie Hoagn
Pearl: Jaszmyn Epps
Title: The Mill
Inciting Question: What is the relationship between man and nature?
This is an abstract exploration of the question; who owns story. Created using the devise of a Chair Duet from Frantic Assembly.
Originally conceived by Jaszmyn Epps, Madison Serrett and Katie Hogan.
Performers: Madison Serrett, Jaszmyn Epps, and…
Title: Confinement
Question: What Confines us?

Performers: Madison Serrett, Katie Hogan, and Jaszmyn Epps
A reading of the Duet Monologue.
"Across the Bridge" Written by Katie Hogan
Performers: Madison Serrett, Katie Hogan, and Jaszmyn Epps

Title: When I Wake Up
Inciting Question: How do our confines influence our families?
Location: Bedroom
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